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Motorola Droid Turbo (and its 21MP camera) detailed in leaked manual


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We caught a brief glimpse of the Droid Turbo late last month, but really: that handful of leaked images didn't do much to whet our whistles. This time though, something a little more substantive has started making the rounds -- the folks over at MotoFirmware obtained the phone's full Verizon user guide (PDF warning) and have posted it for all to enjoy. The 73-page document confirms among other things that the Droid Turbo packs a 5.2-inch display (though we can't tell if it's a Quad HD beast like some rumors have suggested), a 21-megapixel rear camera that shoots 4K video, and the same sort of context-sensitive tricks that the Moto X can pull off. Oh, and that little tease we saw on the official Droid Landing Twitter account? Its not-so-cryptic hints about faster charging have been confirmed too, as the Turbo will come with (what else?) Motorola's forthcoming Turbo Charger in the box. Not a bad deal, consider everyone else will have to shell out $35 for one.

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