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Final's credit card tackles security with unique numbers for each retailer


While newfangled credit cards like Coin and Plastc aim to cut down on wallet clutter by loading up all of your payment methods in one place, another option is taking aim at security. It's called Final, and the chip & PIN card serves up a unique number to every place you shop or a "disposable" set of digits for one-time use. So when the next Target or Home Depot breach happens, you'll only have to deactivate the number assigned to those places rather than go through the hassle with your bank. You can easily deactivate numbers when a subscription has run its course, and set monthly limits so you're alerted when someone tries to go over that amount or that "free trial" runs out. When shopping online, there's a browser extension that quickly generates new numbers and populates the info fields automatically. What about mobile payments? Final plays nice with that digital wallet too, and as you might expect, a online portal offers access to spending info so that you can set goals and keep an eye on things. The company is looking to launch its beta in the first quarter of 2015, and if you're looking to opt in, you can sign up for early access via the source link down below.

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