Coin stores info for multiple credit cards, aims to slim your wallet down (video)

What you see in the picture above promises to be the one credit card to rule them all. It's called Coin, and while it looks like any other traditional plastic, it's actually an electronic device that stores all your CC info in one package. Since Coin relies on data stored on its companion app, you'll need to scan your cards using the accompanying phone/tablet dongle and then take their pictures. When we asked its creators what prevents people from scanning someone else's plastics, a spokesperson told us the system only accepts those with the user's personal information. Now here's what's nifty: unlike NFC tech that requires special hardware, Coin will work with any credit card swiper. Also, it sends an alert to your phone if you stroll away with your frappuccino having left it on the counter.

The bad news is that the device is not yet ready for center stage -- the startup, fresh out of YCombinator, seeks to raise $50,000 via crowdfunding for mass production. A Coin will retail for $100 when it becomes available -- the firm hopes to make its first shipment by summer 2014 -- but anyone willing to take a chance on the project can preorder one now for $50. As for those it's failed to charm, you can always wait for other advanced payment systems, like ones that use fingerprints and custom phone cases.