FFXIV, FFXI, and Dragon Quest 10 subscribers total(ed) 'nearly' 1M

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|01.02.15

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FFXIV, FFXI, and Dragon Quest 10 subscribers total(ed) 'nearly' 1M
For the benefit of those watching in the cheap seats.
Square-Enix has released its summary of 2014's finances with the start of the new year, and the good news is that it looks pretty rosy. According to the summary of the financial year that ended in March of 2014, the company's fortunes had improved immensely. Of more specific interest to the MMO market, of course, is the fact that the report gives some idea of the subscribers for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and the currently Japan-only title Dragon Quest X.

According to the report, all three titles together boasted "nearly" one million subscribers, with the lion's share likely belonging to Final Fantasy XIV. Specifics are not discussed, nor does the report clarify whether these subscriber numbers are from the end of the financial year in March or the end of the calendar year in December (we assume the former). The most recent official word from Square-Enix was 2.5 million registered accounts for FFXIV in December 2014.
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