OnStar's new services save you money by watching how you drive

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Jon Fingas
January 4, 2015 8:13 PM
OnStar's new services save you money by watching how you drive

GM's cars are increasingly connected, and the automaker is coming up with some clever (if not always comforting) ways to put that data to use. Its OnStar badge has just unveiled a pair of services that promise to save you money if you're willing to share some of your driving activity. To start, it's launching an optional driver-assessment program in the US that studies your skills over 90 days and offers not only feedback, but also lower insurance rates (through Progressive) for good driving. In theory, this is a big incentive to drive responsibly, whether you're a newcomer or want to brush up on your road manners -- so long as you're fine with the car tracking your behavior, at least. You'll have to wait until the summer to give it a try, but it'll be available for all 2016 GM vehicles, most 2015 models and a handful of 2013 and 2014 cars.

The other OnStar feature, AtYourService, is more of a mixed blessing that uses your requested OnStar destinations to deliver targeted discounts. Ask for directions to Dunkin' Donuts and it'll give you a discount on your upcoming snack; a deal with Priceline will even let you book a hotel when the service goes live in early 2015. AtYourService is optional and requires that you talk to another human being, so don't worry about your GPS unit leading you astray. With that said, it also risks skewing your driving patterns -- you may end up ignoring the local shops and restaurants that don't have OnStar deals.
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