Not even 'FIFA 15' could dethrone 'Frozen' in the UK last year

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Nick Summers
January 5th, 2015
Not even 'FIFA 15' could dethrone 'Frozen' in the UK last year

It should shock no-one to hear that Frozen outsold every other piece of entertainment in the UK in 2014. Even so, the emphatic style with which it did so might surprise you. According to new figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), the Disney sing-along extravaganza racked up just over 4 million DVD and Blu-ray sales last year, beating the nearest competition, which included films, video games and music, by a huge margin. Its closest rivals were FIFA 15, which scored 2.6 million sales, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which shifted 1.8 million copies -- a stellar effort, considering they debuted at least six months after Frozen's release. The film's soundtrack even made the top 20, besting entertainment home-runs such as Destiny, Gravity and Watch Dogs. The numbers aren't perfect though; the ERA's data only includes physical film and video game sales, while its music figures account for digital sales too. Even so, were downloads fully embraced we doubt Elsa and friends would have been toppled from their icy throne.

Here's the full breakdown:
1. Frozen - 4,012,676
2. FIFA 15 - 2,663,296
3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 1,837,025
4. X, Ed Sheeran - 1,753,226
5.The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug - 1,550,635
6. Grand Theft Auto 5 - 1,341,472
7. In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith - 1,296,295
8. The Lego Movie - 1,092,486
9. The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - 1,078,911
10. Mrs Brown's Boys: D'movie - 1,056,960
11. Now That's What I Call Music 89 - 999,201
12. Guardians of the Galaxy - 992,818
13. Frozen, Original Soundtrack - 974,067
14. Gravity - 915,355
15. Destiny - 937,23515.
16. The Wolf of Wall Street - 888,621
17. The Inbetweeners Movie 2 - 849,859
18. Watch Dogs - 808,79919.
19. Now That's What I Call Music 88 - 728,683
20. Wanted On Voyage, George Ezra - 704,069
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