Audi's smartwatch collaboration with LG isn't running Android Wear

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Mat Smith
January 8, 2015 3:16 AM
Audi's smartwatch collaboration with LG isn't running Android Wear

Audi briefly, ever so briefly, brandished a not-before-seen smartwatch at its CES event, showcasing some wearable-car connectivity that it's working on. And while that's pretty cool in itself, the watch used to show it off looked pretty darn classy, with stainless steel construction, a substantial crown and another pair of buttons flanking it. While a collaboration between LG and the carmaker, it's not like any smartwatch you've seen from LG so far: This one runs webOS. Now, even though it's not running Android, Android Central managed to track down the watch and tour through the currently lightweight interface. We've confirmed from our own sources that yes, the watch is indeed running webOS, although more details are scarce. Is it too early to direct you to wait for MWC in Barcelona, come February? Perhaps, but we're going to do that anyhow. What do those extra buttons do?

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