Toshiba's TransferJet SD cards get NFC previews

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Daniel Cooper
January 8, 2015 5:49 PM
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Toshiba's TransferJet SD cards get NFC previews

Toshiba's been hawking its Eye-Fi competitor TransferJet for years now, letting you push data from your SD card to your PC without removing it from your camera. Now, however, the company has cooked up a way for users to see what's on the card without even picking it up off the table. Simply pick up an Android smartphone, activate the company's companion app and the built-in NFC will show you up to 16 random thumbnails of the images included therein.

Of course, you'd only really need that sort of feature if you had thousands of SD cards that, for some reason, you hadn't archived to your computer. That clearly hasn't deterred the company from gearing this up for retail, and it's expected to hit stores in the US sometime in February, with other territories given the option of joining in as they see fit. There's no word on pricing, but the company expects it to cost a little more than your average SD card, for obvious reasons.
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