Can't decide on a wearable? Lumoid lets you try a box full of them

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Devindra Hardawar
January 14th, 2015
Can't decide on a wearable? Lumoid lets you try a box full of them

It's increasingly easy to find a decent wearable these days -- the real problem is deciding on the one that fits you the best -- perhaps literally. Now Lumoid, the startup best known for its short-term camera rental service, has got you covered. The company just added a new wearable section to its rental offerings (which also includes drones and other photography gear), allowing you to try out five different health trackers at home. Once you decide on something you like, you can order it from Lumoid's online store for a new unit and return the box of used gadgets. And if nothing strikes your fancy you just have to pay a $20 handling fee to ship them back.

Lumoid is offering around 25 wearables from the likes of Jawbone and Misfit, ranging from fitness trackers to basic smartwatches. But don't get your hopes up if you want to try out that new Moto 360 -- there aren't any Android Wear devices included -- yet. Still, it seems like a useful service for getting your hands on a variety of different wearable options.

Unlike smartphones and computers, it's hard to choose a new fitness gadget just by fiddling with it in a store. You've got to spend a decent chunk of time with them to see if they fit into your daily routine. Lumoid's service seems like a better option than blindly buying and returning wearable gear -- you'll just have to be comfortable using a device someone else possibly sweat on.

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