Don't buy a fake Apple Watch on eBay

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John-Michael Bond
January 20th, 2015
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Don't buy a fake Apple Watch on eBay
Only Apple knows exactly when the Apple Watch will hit the market, but that doesn't mean scam artists care. Today marks the first sale of a fake Apple Watch on eBay, so it's probably time to remind readers and their friend -- you will not find a real Apple Watch prototype or a real Apple Watch on eBay before you find it in stores. If things seem too good to be true, they most likely are.

While this seems like obvious advice, some brilliant schemer out there is now $260 richer from the rube who purchased this fake off of eBay. It must be real. Look at the picture above, after all, and this one right here. That looks real enough, right?
You know better. Until the device hits stores, keep your money safe and don't buy one of these fakes off of eBay. After the device makes it to retail stores, keep your money safe and don't risk buying a fake off eBay. We're honestly not worried about our everyday readers, we're worried about your family that might not know any better. Knowledge is power. This is just a rip-off smartwatch.
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