This RC Millennium Falcon may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts

No word on how many parsecs this Falcon makes the Kessel Run in, probably more than 12. Given how much fun this 18-mph home-made Millennium Falcon drone is to watch, we won't hold it against it. This, of course, is a quadcopter that drops the usual FPV and GoPro attire for something all Star Wars fans will enjoy. What's more, the creator has kindly shared all the details, so you can make your own. If you're more in tune with the dark side, the maker's next project is apparently a TIE Fighter -- so the two of those in action, we really can't wait to see. Make the jump over the break to watch it flying over Hoth (or somewhere a bit like it). In the meantime, we're running an errand to get some foam and paint.

Image credits: Olivier FR