Adult Themes: 8 connected sex toys for your Valentine

SEX Spelled on Keyboard

There are many ways to tell someone that you love them. If they're not into flowers, chocolates or steak dinners, however, then you might just have to spice things up in the bedroom with an erotic device that's a little more exciting than a Magic Wand. After all, we live in a sane, mature society that can appreciate two (or more) people getting it on, don't we? Hell, when the biggest movie release on Valentine's Day is the story of a sociopath who uses BDSM to coerce a naive partner into doing whatever he wants with her, you know we're through the looking glass. That's why we here at Engadget have decided to pull together a list of the smartest, cleverest and maddest ways to tell your other halves to go fuck themselves -- in the nicest possible way, of course.