Daily Roundup: Robot love, the state of VR and more!

What's it like to fall in love with a robot? We share our impressions after spending some time with Nao, a cute toddler-sized robot. Meanwhile, Sony brought an updated version of Project Morpheus to GDC and some of tech's biggest companies joined up to argue in favor of marriage equality. Get all the details on today's top stories in the Daily Roundup.

Nao and Forever: How I learned to love a robot

Aldebaran's toddler-sized Nao bots are capable of some impressive feats. We spent some time with Nao during both Engadget Expand and CES and fell in love. While Aldebaran intends to make Nao your future robot companion, it's still the plaything of developers and institutions.

State of VR: Sony's Project Morpheus in 2015

Sony showed off it's new and improved Project Morpheus VR headset at GDC. How does the experience compare to when we last had a chance to use it? Well, one of our editors banged into a real wall while trying to avoid a shark. Ouch!

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google team up to support marriage equality

A total of 379 companies, including tech's biggest names, are trying to convince the Supreme Court to rule in favor of nationwide marriage equality. These corporations, including Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have filed an amici curiae or a friend-of-the-court brief prior to the high court's April hearing that will decide the future of same-sex marriage in the US.

Jony Ive isn't too concerned about your iPhone battery life issues

Tired of recharging your iPhone several times a day? That's just because the iPhone's thin and light design is encouraging you to use it more, according to Apple's design guru Jony Ive. In an interview with the Financial Times today, Ive dove deep into the design process of the Apple Watch, but when asked about the need to recharge iPhones often he didn't see much of an issue.

Better than 'Destiny': Studios now make massive games in just months

It usually takes millions of dollars, a decade and hundreds of developers to create a single massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Improbable, a streamlined brand of server technology, aims to make creating games a much easier process.

Wankband charges gizmos with a flick of the wrist

Pornhub thinks it has a sexier solution for the age old problem of a gadget running out of juice prematurely, and the secret is in the (hairy) palm of your hand. Say hello to the Wankband: a wearable that straps on to your forearm, capturing the energy from a spot of self-love and using it to charge basically anything via USB.

The Big Picture: The Congo's solar-powered traffic robocops

While Detroit waits for its Robocop statue, the Democratic Republic of Congo's one-upped The Motor City and installed a quintet of robots to keep an unblinking eye on any traffic-law violators.