JXE Streams: Into the deep, dark woods of 'Ori and the Blind Forest'

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JXE Streams: Into the deep, dark woods of 'Ori and the Blind Forest'

Last week during our stream of Grand Theft Auto V, we asked our Twitch viewers what brand new game they wanted us to play on the show. Let it never be said that we don't deliver! Today on JXE Streams, we're going to play through two hours of Ori and the Blind Forest because you demanded it. If you're unfamiliar, Ori is a lushly animated adventure game where you guide a whispy spirit through an arboreal maze. Think Metroid by way of Spirited Away and you'll get the idea.

Tune into Engadget.com/gaming, Twitch.tv/Joystiq, or right here to this post at 3PM ET today to check out the Xbox One version of Ori. Hang with us in the chat as we discuss the challenges of making 2D games look great in HD, how to make non-linear adventure games and how awesome Hayao Miyazaki is.

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[We're playing a digital copy of Ori and the Blind Forest on Xbox One streamed through an Elgato Capture HD via OBS at 720p.]

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