Apple Watch Edition buyers will get the red carpet treatment

Apple Watch Edition

When you're buying a $10,000 watch, you expect first-class service -- and Apple is apparently ready to deliver. Sources for 9to5Mac claim that people who buy the gold Apple Watch Edition will get to skip the queues whenever they need help. They'll be bumped to the front of the line when buying, and they'll have an hour to spend trying out watches in a private area (complete with an expert) instead of 15 minutes at a table like the hoi polloi. And if the worst happens, they'll get at least two years of access to a dedicated Edition phone support line that operates around the clock. This kind of bend-over-backwards help isn't unusual in the luxury world, where concierges and other one-on-one services are common, but it's not exactly standard fare for a company that will gladly sell you a $50 music player.

Thankfully, the report also suggests that Apple won't save everything for its wealthiest customers. If you buy either the regular stainless steel Watch or the Edition, you'll have the option of "virtual personal setup" that has an Apple Store staffer guiding you through your new wristwear using video chat. The only big problem is that you get none of these perks if you buy a Watch Sport -- you'll have to settle for the same assistance that you'd get for your iPhone. Still, it's good to know that you should get more than just a nicer-looking watch (and some bragging rights) if you're a big spender.