New software will give drone pilots augmented reality vision

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French drone manufacturer Sy​sveo has announced that it is developing a unique, software-based visualization system for UAVs that will provide pilots an augmented reality view -- specifically, a 3D image -- atop the existing video feed. The pilot simply has to navigate the drone to a specific GPS location for the AR image to appear. "Architects could easily use this for creating a real-time simulation of the building they designed, and see it on the ground," Sysveo CEO Clement Alaguillaume told Motherboard. "And they could take real-time decisions without going back to their office, as they could make as many simulations as they want with the drone."

Both the European Space Agency and France's CNES space agency have kicked in funding for the project and the company figures the system will be operational is about a year. Sysveo insists that it will be released as an open-source software suite, meaning that both amateur and professional pilots alike will soon be able to produce these fanciful drone flights.