Samsung fights fears of Galaxy S6 bending with a video

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge bend test video

Sadly, the he-said-she-said disputes over bending smartphones aren't ending any time soon. Samsung has responded to SquareTrade's allegations that the Galaxy S6 Edge is easily bendable by posting a video that shows the official stress tests for both the Edge and the regular S6. As you might expect, both devices hold up in this company-sanctioned clip -- they can withstand up to 79 pounds of force at three different points, which is enough to snap five pencils in half. Supposedly, this is more pressure than you'd put on your phone if it was in your back pocket. The Korean firm also notes that SquareTrade only tested on the front, not the back where tolerance levels are different.

Samsung is "confident" that the S6 won't break in normal use, and it's going so far as to ask SquareTrade to conduct new tests that include both the front and back sides. There's no question that the tech giant is making this request in the name of damage control, and only wants to showcase tests that flatter its design skills. However, it has a good argument when it notes that SquareTrade's demo, which placed a crushing 110 pounds of force on a single point, isn't all that realistic. Simply put, take care of your phone and it shouldn't deform -- "bendgate" scandals may help drive video hits and warranty sales, but they're rarely relevant in practice.