Diabetes app shares your blood sugar levels with strangers

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Roberto Baldwin
April 23rd, 2015
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Diabetes app shares your blood sugar levels with strangers

Living with diabetes means tracking your meals and insulin level. The new One Drop app for iOS (an Android version is planned) aims to not only make that monitoring easier, but also use the logged information to help the larger diabetic community. The brainchild of Razorfish co-founder and diabetic Jeff Dachis, the app tracks food intake, insulin levels, medication and exercise. Users can then share that information (either publicly or anonymously) with other One Drop users to help the community learn from one another. They can also encourage each other via likes and stickers and use the gathered data to help inform their own regimen. The app is currently free, but Dachis told TechCrunch a monthly subscription is coming later in the year that would include a stylish bluetooth-enabled glucose meter and test strips.

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