Recommended Reading: Designing a roller coaster that'll make you weep

Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.25.15

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Recommended Reading: Designing a roller coaster that'll make you weep

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How to Design a Roller Coaster That'll Make You Beg For Mercy
by Jeff Wise
Bloomberg Business

When it comes to designing a roller coaster, there are any number of tools that can achieve that maximum thrill. At Carowinds, a theme park that borders North and South Carolina, the Fury 325 debuted this spring. The ride packs a 325-foot drop and top speeds of 95MPH. How does something like this come about? Bloomberg's Jeff Wise will take you for a ride to find out.

Tidal's Indie Plan
Tyler Hayes, Smashd

Tidal has received its fair share of criticism for a star-packed relaunch event that mentioned little about helping independent artists. Jay Z and Co. revealed some tools in the weeks since, including the ability to upload tracks directly.

The Man Who Broke the Music Business
Stephen Witt, The New Yorker

A man who worked at a CD-manufacturing plant in North Carolina became a notorious leaker for much-anticipated albums. He did his part to put a dent in the music industry for years, until the FBI finally caught up.

The Uncanny Evolution of Invisible Boyfriend, the Site Where Money Can Buy You Love
Caitlin Dewey, The Washington Post

Need that fake boyfriend to appear real to appease a nagging relative? Well, Invisible Boyfriend will create "social proof" one exists for just $25 a month.

What Game Designers Love (And Don't Love) About 'Souls' Games
Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku

Video game designers weigh in on the great and not-so-great elements of From Software's Souls games.

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