Smart pedals will track your stolen bike for $149

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Smart pedals will track your stolen bike for $149

Back when we saw Connected Cycle's smart bike pedals at CES in January we were pretty impressed by its plan to track activity and location; now you have a chance to get in on the action. The outfit's smart pedals recently hit crowdfunding site IndieGoGo where the campaign has already hit 171 percent of its funding goal. Since we last saw them, the duration limit on included data plans has been lifted for backers and CC is working on design modifications so the pedals accommodate "standardized" foot straps.

The discounted early-bird backer levels are already gone of course, so if you want a pair of the anti-theft and activity tracking pedals they'll run you $149. As the campaign page tells it, that's still a $71 savings over retail. As it stands, they're probably a little overkill if you're riding a Huffy from Kmart but anyone who's dropped serious coin on something along the lines of a Cannondale or Fuji probably can't put a price on peace of mind.

Connected Cycle Pedals - Indiegogo Campaign Film from Christian Kravanja on Vimeo.

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