Genie transforms food pods into meals in 30 seconds

If you've seen an episode of Star Trek, you're likely familiar with the Replicator device on board the USS Enterprise that synthesized meals and beverages on demand. Well, a company in Israel created the modern-day equivalent to that appliance with Genie. The counter-top gadget uses food pods to create the recipe you desire, and claims it's like having a personal chef around all the time. What's more, it does the cooking in under a minute. The company doesn't disclose the "patented technology" that makes this possible, but once a food pod is chosen and placed inside the Genie, 30 seconds is all the device needs to create "a freshly baked dish."

Those pods look a bit like a pint of ice cream and are packed with natural ingredients that have been freeze dried. This process ensures a shelf life of a year or more with food options like ramen, couscous and chocolate soufflé. Dietary restrictions? Genie can wrangle those with the push of a button. The whole thing is controlled by your phone, and eventually, plans are for the unit to learn a person's diet and coordinate meals based their micro-biome. Don't take my word for it though, see the Genie in action here.