The top 15 laptops you can buy right now

Between the new MacBook, the Chromebook Pixel and the Spectre x360 (HP's newest laptop, which it designed with Microsoft), we've been testing a lot of notebooks over the past few months. That means we've had to make a bunch of new additions to our buyer's guide, and in the process, rethink which models we'd actually recommend to our family and friends. Now that we've added some models and crossed a couple others off the list, we're left with 15 notebooks we can heartily recommend. The good news, too, is that because Intel's dual-core Broadwell processors just came out a few months ago, most of these are in no danger of getting refreshed again any time soon. That said, you might wanna hold off on buying any of the more performance-driven models on the list -- Intel's quad-core Broadwell processors are expected to land sometime this summer.