'Zombies, Run!' marks latest update by going free-to-play

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Zombies, Run! celebrated the release of version 4.0 earlier this week with some major modifications. The popular gamified exercise app, which used to retail for a flat $4 at the Google Play Store, has switched over to a free-to-play subscription model. The app and gameplay themselves haven't changed much. Users are challenged to run (literally) a series of 200-plus missions while avoiding the gnashing teeth of an Undead swarm, all within the context of a post-apocalyptic audio drama. Six to Start, the app's developer, has already released four "seasons" of added content since its debut and will likely continue to do so. However, users will now have to pay $3 per month (or $20 per year) to keep getting these regular updates.

If you want to keep things free, you'll be able to access just one mission per week outside of the first four from season 1, which can be used an unlimited number of times. Free users also won't have access to Airdrop or Interval Training missions, nor will they be able to change the run difficulty or track their workout stats. And if you already bought the app before May 13th, don't worry, you'll have nearly full access to the entire feature suite. The only handicap for existing users is that they can only run one mission per week from the latest season. Conversely, they will get a hefty discount on the subscription fee moving forward, just $8 a year.

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