Google I/O 2015: the numbers you need to know

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James Trew
May 28th, 2015
Google I/O 2015: the numbers you need to know

Didn't fancy sitting through the whole liveblog from this year's Google I/O keynote? We understand. Sometimes you just want to catch the key plays via the post-game show. And that's kinda why Engadget exists, after all. As always with Google's big developer event, there was a lot of ground covered in a relatively short space of time. Fear not, below are the things we think you most need to know.

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  • 10 each
  • Eight out of 10 phones prefer Android
  • 35 brands are already working with Android Auto
  • 17 million Chromecasts sold
  • 700,000 places to pay
  • Multiply the battery
  • One life complete
  • The number of (Android) things you can Wear...
  • Cardboard's big number
  • How many photos can you store on Android?
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