Tumblr replaces 'Ignore' with a more robust 'Block' feature

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Tumblr replaces 'Ignore' with a more robust 'Block' feature

Tumblr has made it easier to keep trolls out of your account. The feature has been renamed "Block" -- "A proper, muscular name," the Yahoo-owned company said -- and it's accessible from several locations on the website. To shake off haters and weirdos, you can click on their avatar on your dashboard to load a right-hand side menu, where you can find block under the human-shaped icon. If you want to hit someone with the banhammer straight from your Inbox, you can also do so: just click the big X on mobile or find block under the ellipsis' drown-down menu. Finally, you can go to your settings page and manually enter the user you want to keep out.

Anyone you block won't be able to see your posts on their dashboard anymore, and vice versa -- plus, they can't send you PMs or Asks, or Like and reblog your posts. Your account also won't show up in their search results. However, they can still see your blog if it's public, so consider setting everything to private if you seriously want to hide your activities from someone. Since they won't be blocked from your other blogs if you have more than one, prepare to repeat the process if necessary. The Block feature works even on anonymous users' IP addresses (just ban them straight from your inbox), but note that you won't be able to unblock them later on.

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