'Zelda: Tri Force Heroes' is a multiplayer action game for 3DS

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Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a three-player multiplayer game set in the wonderful world of Hyrule and heading to 3DS this fall. The king of your village seeks a hero to save the day and three brave citizens step forward -- you plus two friends or two non-playable characters. In single-player, you can swap between Link and two doll-like characters to complete puzzles, and in all modes, the game features a totem mechanic that stacks all players on top of each other. It's fairly adorable.

Zelda: Tri Force Heroes features a classic dungeon-conquering layout and "it should appeal to fans of the series," Nintendo said during its E3 live stream today. Plus, the game features fashion in a tactical way: Buy and equip different clothes for new abilities.

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