ICYMI: An accident impeding big rig, hoverbikes and more

ICYMI: A See-Through Big Rig, Legit Hoverbikes and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: The hoverbike of your Star Wars dreams is actually being built but sad faces all around, it's being made for the U.S. Department of Defense before you suckers get to try it out; too many car accidents in Argentina inspired Samsung to make a digital display on the back of semi trucks to show other cars what's happening on the roadway with front-facing cameras; and researchers built a boat that gives lower fuel consumption based on a design change that mimics a part of a whale's tail.

Important side note we found while googling this story: Avoid ever getting this close to a real whale's tail.

From the cutting room floor: We really wanted to bring you the story of this sneaky beer storage in the great outdoors, unfortunately we could not explain how it was done to our satisfaction. We're also left annoyed for and with the guy that proudly shows it off, since now every out-law and crap neighbor he has knows where the spare beer is too. Dude. You blew it.

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