Uber's latest service takes you across continents in a speed boat

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Never mind using ridesharing services to get across cities -- Uber wants to take you across continents. The company has launched a permanent version of its UberBoat service in Istanbul that shuttles you between Asia and Europe (that is, both sides of the city) in a speed boat. It'll cost you at least 50 lira (about $19) versus the 2 lira (81 cents) for a public ferry, but you won't be waiting long to get moving... and you won't have to fight Istanbul's notoriously bad traffic, either. Each craft also carries up to 8 people, so it'll be more affordable if you're traveling as part of a pack. You probably won't use this often unless you're regularly hurrying across the Bosphorus strait, but it should be more scenic than an overcrowded bridge or tunnel.

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