'Loogun' uses a water jet to make toilet cleaning less crappy (updated)

Not all of us can afford $6,000 for a self-cleaning toilet, so scrubbing one usually revolves around a yucky toilet brush. However, a product coming to Kickstarter may make the chore marginally more pleasant. Called Loogun, it's like a big dental WaterPik for your toilet that cleans with a narrow stream of water. The cordless, handheld device has a reservoir you fill with fresh water from time to time, and runs on four AA batteries that last nine months. With a powerful stream, it can blast detritus from your bowl, even below water level, according to the team behind it. It's also child-safe, since it won't spray when it's pointed up (and prevents toddlers from trying to snack on a regular toilet brush, of course).

We'd agree that a toilet brush is gross and unhygienic, but many (though certainly not all) folks may feel that £27 ($42) is a bit much for a fancy poo-cleaner. Also, we doubt it would be very effective on "baked in" crud that's been there a while, especially given the smallish reservoir. Nevertheless, the patented device does look pretty slick, and is one of the few "crapgadgets" (sorry) we'd be willing to try. If you're interested, keep in mind the usual risks and downsides of that platform.

Update: The Kickstarter campaign has gone live a bit early.