Instagram's storing HD images but won't let you see them (update)

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Andrew Tarantola
July 6, 2015 5:08 PM
Instagram's storing HD images but won't let you see them (update)

According to The Verge, Instagram has begun storing images at 1080 x 1080 pixels, far larger than the standard 640 x 640 pixels they are stored as now. The thing is, you can't actually see the larger images natively in either the web version or the apps. They actually only show up as recently uploaded photos and even then, you'll need to dig around in the source code to actually see them. To do so, go to the desktop version of Instagram and navigate to any of your recently uploaded images. Open the page source code, invoke the Find function and search for '.jpg". That URL will lead you to a 1080 x 1080 version of the image. Huzzah? Still, the larger photos could portend a bigger, better viewing experience in future versions of the app -- or at least HD advertising.

Update: Per Facebook's Alex Hollander, "I can confirm that we are rolling out 1080 to android and iphone, and most people should now see it in their mobile app."

[Image Credit: Rasulovs/Getty]

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