California wants pollution-free freight vehicles

Loads of cargo containers at a Los Angeles port

California is determined to make dramatic greenhouse gas cuts by 2030, and that could have some major ramifications for the state's big rigs and cargo ships. Governor Jerry Brown has ordered several agencies to draft plans for cleaner freight transportation, with a plan to eventually move to emissions-free ports, trains and trucks. Officials have until July 2016 to detail what they're doing, although they'll likely take considerably longer than that to implement their changes.

Unsurprisingly, the freight business is a bit nervous. The California Trucking Association is worried that the more efficient tech might prove "costly," and wants to work with the state on any solutions. However, companies might not have much of a choice. While pollution levels are getting better overall, they're still particularly bad in places like Los Angeles -- it's doubtful that California will let smoke-spewing commercial vehicles carry on while everyone else moves on to greener options.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong]