GoPro is making a mobile video-editing app

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Mariella Moon
July 22nd, 2015
GoPro is making a mobile video-editing app

Creating short reels out of GoPro footage requires video editing knowledge, that's why some casual users don't even bother. Well, that could change soon enough -- or at least as soon as the company's new mobile app launches. According to TechCrunch, GoPro president Tony Bates has revealed to investors that the action camera maker is developing an app, which will give users the capability to edit and trim footage straight from a phone or tablet. It's in the final testing phase and could be out by the end of summer, so don't be surprised if you find your News Feed filled with friends' surfing, swimming or hiking videos.

GoPro's ultimate plan, however, is to launch a cloud service that can automatically generate highlight reels. Bates has told investors that it's already being developed -- in fact, the company has begun testing an early version that can view videos captured not only by GoPro devices, but also by other cameras. It has no editing features yet, but that'll likely come later on, especially since the company clearly has money to support its development: According to GoPro's latest financial earnings report, its revenue for the second quarter of 2015 ($420 million) is ~71.7 percent higher than last year's ($245 million).

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