Apple Watch now works with August's designer smart lock

Unlocking a door with your smartphone feels like the future, but you still have to fish something out of your pocket to do it. If you happen to own one of the Yves Behar designed August smart locks, however, you can open it with something on your wrist -- an Apple Watch. You can now lock and unlock the device "with just a swipe and a tap" on a Watch, according to August. In addition, you can view a log of who has come and gone, and get a notification when someone locks or unlocks your door.

Using a smartwatch with a smart lock makes sense, and hopefully it'll also solve some of the quibbles we had about August's $250 lock. We found that it could take awhile to pair via Bluetooth LE using an iOS or Android smartphone, for instance, though it's not clear if Watch will improve that situation much. Nevertheless, it's one of the more useful apps we've seen on Apple Watch for the few people who've splurged for one so far. There's no word on whether August will also support Android Wear devices.