Garmin's latest low-cost running watch gives you live tracking

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Garmin's latest low-cost running watch gives you live tracking

If you've been jonesing for a Garmin running watch that will talk to your smartphone without trashing your bank balance, you're in luck. Garmin has rolled out the Forerunner 25, a follow-up to the 15 (but not a replacement) that's much more at home in a connected world. If you link the newer wristwear to your phone, you can share live workout tracking with your friends, get important notifications and automatically upload brag-worthy results to the company's Connect service. It's easier to gauge your progress mid-run, too, since the active display space is 32 percent bigger than before. Both small and large versions go on sale later this summer at $170 for the core model, and $200 if you want an external heart rate monitor at the same time.

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