Google's Android Experiments show what your devices can do

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Google's Android Experiments show what your devices can do

Google has Chrome Experiments to showcase what's possible in its web browser, so it stands to reason that there should be an equivalent for Android, doesn't it? Sure enough, the folks in Mountain View have launched an Android Experiments gallery that demonstrates what Google-powered mobile and wearable devices can do. In many cases, the 20 inaugural experiments take direct advantage of sensors and remote connections. Tilt (above) uses motion sensors to recreate the classic put-the-ball-in-the-hole game, while IOIO Plotter draws flip charts through an Android-controlled board. On Android Wear, the Time Mesh watch face twists and bends based on your movement. The hope is that app makers will use these experiments as springboards for their own ambitious projects -- if you notice that Android apps are markedly more creative in the near future, you'll know who to thank.

Gallery: Android Experiments | 5 Photos

  • IOIO Plotter by Ytai Ben-Tsvi
  • Landmarker by Anthony Tripaldi/Google Creative Lab
  • Tilt by MediaMonks
  • Time Mesh by Coding for Love

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