ICYMI: Robot barkeeps, Android Experiments and more

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ICYMI: Robot barkeeps, Android Experiments and more image
ICYMI: Robot barkeeps, Android Experiments and more image
ICYMI: Robot Barkeeps, Android Experiments, and an Exoskeleton Bot

Today on In Case You Missed It: We take on two pieces of robot news, both of which seem promising for different reasons. First, a robot with responsive, human reflexes is being designed to enter dangerous situations where a real person might be injured. The secret is that the controller is a guy wearing a matching robot exoskeleton. Then, more MIT scientists executed an algorithm that allows robots to actually buzz around and serve alcohol. Obviously, we're fans of that. Lastly, Google unveiled a video describing its Android Experiments project and some of the applications are super interesting.

For our final video, we are sharing a not tech-related video that is mesmerizing. It's from an artist's work that uses honey, paint and oil to show swirling close-ups as colors merge and flow together.

If you come across any similarly interesting or noteworthy videos, we'd love to see! Please tweet us (or comment below) with the #ICYMI hashtag to @engadget or @mskerryd.

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