EE TV's getting new mobile features and on-demand apps

EE TV is a tough sell at the moment because, in exchange for the rudimentary set-top box, you have to sign up for both EE mobile and home broadband. Freeview DVR, multi-device streaming and some on-demand services are a nice bonus if you happen to be signed up for both anyway, but it's hardly a reason to switch. EE seems to have recognised this, because today it's announcing a software update which puts further emphasis on the mobile part. From August 25th, you'll see a new section in the EE TV app called "My TV," which personalises the guide by showing your favourite shows, channels and recordings. You'll even be able to "Flick" your photos and videos to the TV Chromecast-style.

In a bid to streamline its mobile viewing experience, EE is also introducing a feature called "Fetch." It'll give you the ability to quickly select what's currently on TV and watch it on your personal device, freeing up the living room for whoever is wrestling over the remote. It should work with both live TV and recordings too, ensuring your marathon session of The Great British Bake Off goes uninterrupted. For those moments when you are able to claim the TV, EE's app will offer a "Companion Screen" area with a scrolling progress bar, playback and volume controls. It'll also feature a recording shortcut and a sharing mode -- for when you need to tell the world about a scathing cake assessment by Mary Berry.

The final perk is a new set of on-demand apps. The headliner is MUBI, a Netflix-style subscription service for classic and indie film lovers. It'll be joined by a slew of international TV apps, including France 24, Cinefun TV and Brazil TV. They're all nice additions, but surprisingly EE TV still doesn't have access to Netflix, ITV Player and All4. The platform is hobbling forward, but even with these upgrades it remains a niche proposition.