The adorable 'Kerbal Space Program' will land on Xbox One

Tres Aventureros

Kerbal Space Program's cute little green engineers are coming to Xbox One. Much like the PlayStation 4 version that was announced in June, there isn't a release date listed for the spaceship-building sim on Xbox. But considering the latter has an Early Access-like program of its own we could theoretically see it on Microsoft's latest console before it hits the PS4. Maybe. The port's being handled by mobile-focused developer Flying Tiger, which original developer Squad says will allow them to keep a keen focus on the game's PC version. As Squad tells it, Flying Tiger has helped immensely in the process of upgrading the game to run on the Unity 5 engine and has "deeply simplified Kerbal's upgrade process. Flying Tiger's resume isn't what you'd call impressive, but hey neither was Rocksteady's prior to Batman: Arkham Asylum -- we all know how that turned out.

[Image credit: K.G.23/Flickr]