The 'Nuyu' wants to be your digital workout buddy

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Andrew Tarantola
September 1, 2015 9:00 AM
The 'Nuyu' wants to be your digital workout buddy

Health o Meter announced on Tuesday the launch of its new Nuyu line of health tracking devices and an associated mobile app. The system relies equally on the Nuyu Activity Monitor, which tracks steps, calories, distance and sleep; and connects with its counterpart Nuyu app via Bluetooth. The $48 Monitor can be worn on the wrist (with one of 8 available strap colors) or belt -- even tied to shoelaces. It displays your constantly-updated stats on a large OLED screen which is depth rated to 30 meters and runs for up to four months on a single battery. The app itself is free and available for both Android and iOS, though the data is only compatible with Apple's Health Kit.

Additionally, HoM is releasing a wireless scale for $50 that monitors your weight (though not you body fat content as the more expensive FitBit Aria) and reports back to the app via a BlueTooth connection. There's also a $500 sleep system that modulates your body temperature in time with your circadian rhythm. It employs a mat that first warms you to help you fall asleep, then cools once you are zonked and then heats up again when it's time to wake up. The company's proprietary algorithms reportedly learn your sleep cycle and will adjust the heating/cooling cycles to accomodate. Finally, HoM is also developing 12-week Coaching Plans that will include "daily tips, exercise demonstrations, nutrition plans, grocery lists and more" for $20, according to the company's release. The sleep system and coaching plans will be available from Amazon starting in October.

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The 'Nuyu' wants to be your digital workout buddy