Apple TV's Siri will help you binge-watch in only eight countries

Apple TV's new Siri-enabled remote, with a touchpad and mic, has finally brought the media player up to speed with its competitors like Roku and Amazon. In addition to a snappy universal search, the digital assistant can now pick shows by cameos, movies by actors and genres by age. The demo onstage -- with Siri pulling up the weather and a sport scorecard while automatically pausing the movie in the background -- seemed to give the company's TV box a much-needed edge. But according to their developer guide, the voice-controlled TV watching pleasure will be limited to only eight countries at the time of launch end of next month.

In addition to the US and the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Spain will have access to Siri's assistance with the simple press of the microphone button on the remote. For the rest of the world, the same button will reportedly open an "onscreen search app". So if you don't reside in one of the eight listed countries, you'll probably have to wait a long time before Siri can assist your binge-watching ways.