Dropbox for iOS just got a lot faster (and simpler)

Dropbox's new action menu on iOS

When you're juggling a lot of files in the cloud, every little bit of time you save is a big deal... and Dropbox knows it. The online storage outfit has released an iOS app update that's all about speeding up and simplifying its core tasks. The centerpiece is a new action menu that sits next to every file -- tap it and you can modify or share that file without skipping a beat. If you're on iOS 9, you'll also see your recent and offline files in Spotlight searches. And if you're spending big bucks on an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you'll be happy to know that 3D Touch gives you both home screen shortcuts (such as uploading a photo) as well as peeks at files. Dropbox's upgrade is live as I write this, so you only need to visit the App Store to see what the fuss is about.