The Leaf 'Plug 'n Plant' is an all-in-one hydroponic grow box

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Growing weed is easy (it is a weed, after all), growing good weed is a lot harder. And growing top-shelf sticky-icky in the comfort of your own home has, until now, been an expensive and technical nightmare. But that's where the Plug 'n Plant system from Leaf comes in. This tableside grow box is completely self contained. It provides all the pumps, lights, fans and nutrients needed to raise a pair of cannabis plants and yield 4 to 5 ounces of high-test herb. What's more, it includes a host of environmental sensors and an HD camera that push data (and a timelapse view of your plants) to your smartphone for easy and continuous condition tracking. The system is even semi-autonomous, automatically dispensing additional nutrients as the plants absorb them from the growing medium.

This technology doesn't come cheap, mind you. The unit will retail for $1500 when it ships next summer and you'll need to put down a $100 deposit if you even want to get your name on the list. You'll also need a valid medical cannabis card if you live in one of the current 23 states where it is allowed (no card is necessary in any of the four states where it's legal recreationally). Still, with ounces selling for $320 (at the Green Cross, at least) the machine should pay for itself within two harvests.
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