Airbnb bought a Russian design studio and nobody knows why

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Christopher Klimovski
September 30th, 2015
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Airbnb bought a Russian design studio and nobody knows why

Russian design firm Lapka sent out a Tweet yesterday announcing that it had been acquired by Airbnb, confusing all of those who were faced with the black and white mock up image publicizing the partnership. The $24 billion home rental service has been investing a lot of its time and energy into shaping its company identity: from a change of logo to offering hosts products to better their properties. But looking at the products that Lapka has released in the past: a smartphone-assisted breathalyzer and concept sensor nodes for Google's Project Ara phone, we're left wondering what the two companies will produce.

Airbnb co-founder and chief product officer Joe Gebbia seems excited about the partnership, saying he's been inspired by Lapka's "impressive design sensibilities." The Russian studio's founder Vadik Marmeladov made a statement on company's blog which failed to shed any light on the partnership, noting "What we're capable of building together is beyond explanation, so let's leave that for later news." However, the design firm's eagerness to adapt and evolve its product line, we're hoping for Airbnb-branded vodka (and companion iPhone breathalyzer) as a welcome gift in the coming months.
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