One login to rule them all: Welcome to the new Engadget comments

Our community of readers (that's you!) is of the utmost importance to us, and we're committed to making the Engadget experience the very best it can be. For three years, Engadget's been using Livefyre as our commenting system, and while it's not perfect, it served us well. We believe we can do better, however, and so it's time for a change. Our new commenting system was built in-house, by us and for you. That means we can and will be adding features to make it better as we go, and we want your feedback. This is just the first step in our plan to make Engadget the very best place on the web to not only read about technology, but also to talk about it with your fellow like-minded readers, too!

To get started with the new system, you'll need to create a new account with us (either from scratch, or using Facebook), and logging in will be via an https pop-up window. Yes, we realize you'd prefer to keep your existing Livefyre usernames, but sometimes, a fresh start is needed. This is one of those times. Good news is, very soon you'll be able to link your new account to your Livefyre account, so all of your old comments will be archived. Plus, in the not-so-distant future, we'll be merging your existing product database (aka gdgt) accounts with this new account — that's right folks, finally one login to rule them all.

Oh, and we're looking to add to our moderator ranks to ensure our new commenting system is as friendly a place to be as the old one. So, if you think you're up to the task, send us an email at moderatorsATengadgetDOTcom with the phrase "Comment Moderator" (no quotes) in the subject and the following:

  • Your name, location, and a few words about yourself.

  • Your contact info, including your comment handle and any IM accounts you still use.

  • What times of the day you're available for moderation.

  • Are you cool with goats? Why/why not?

  • Tell us why you're up to the task of moderating the Engadget masses. Any other questions you might have.

Please note that moderation positions are unpaid and if you don't submit the above you're pretty well taking yourself out of the running.

While we plan for the transition to be flawless, we know that glitches happen. If something seems amiss, just head on over to our support page and let us know, or comment on this here post and we'll see that it gets corrected. Thanks y'all!

Image Credit: Getty Creative