Google's Trekker program takes you on a tour across the US

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Mariella Moon
October 15th, 2015
Google's Trekker program takes you on a tour across the US

The individuals and organizations that borrowed Trekkers from Google's loaner program have been a big help to Street View's growth, capturing various places around the globe that you can tour online. Now, Mountain View has launched the five newest Street View locations that came out of the project, which can take you on a virtual journey across the US. You can take a tour of the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve with its ancient redwoods and meadows, or of Kansas City that takes you to the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower and to the famous Shuttlecocks installation.

Next stop is Cane Creek within the Daniel Boone National Forest, then Pennsylvania's Ringing Rocks County Park and the Sand Castle Winery's vineyards. Finally, you'll now be able to soar across the waters of the Hudson River in New York. All these routes were captured by different organizations using Google's camera-equipped backpacks. You can access them all, along with other places in the US you can explore right from your computer chair, on Street View's website.


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