'Gilmore Girls' is reportedly the latest series to be revived by Netflix

In case it wasn't obvious already, Netflix is the knight in shining armor for fans of shows that ended before their time. Gilmore Girls appears to be the latest show to come back to life after a long time dead and buried: According to TVLine, Warner Bros. has reached a deal with Netflix, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino to bring Gilmore Girls back to Netflix as a series of four 90-minute mini-movies. Negotiations have only just begun, but stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson are all said to be on board.

While the show originally had a seven-series run, fans were disappointed when the Palladinos were unable to come to a deal with the show's network after the sixth season. That led to a seventh season under entirely different writers and show-runners, and it meant that Amy Sherman-Palladino was unable to give her characters the sendoff she always imagined. Now, it seems like she'll get another chance, though it'll likely be far different than she envisioned -- the show ended in 2007, which means main characters Lorelai and Rory will likely be quite a bit older than they were last time the show aired.

If this all comes to pass, Gilmore Girls will join Arrested Development, The Killing and Longmire as continuations of shows that, for one reason or another, were killed and then brought back to life by Netflix. For the sake of long-suffering Gilmore Girls fans everywhere, we're hoping Netflix and the show's creators are able to bring it back, tell some new stories, and give the characters a good sendoff.