Grove grows your veggies indoors using LED lights and fish poop

The Grove Ecosystem is for people who want to grow veggies and herbs indoors, as well as take care of some pet fish at the same time. Its setup and name should give you a clue on how it works: it uses aquaponics to nourish your produce. In other words, anything you plant relies on nutrients from processed fish poop and other wastes to grow. To induce photosynthesis, the cabinet-like structure also has LED lights that mimic the sun. Plus, it connects via WiFi to its accompanying app, which tracks its energy consumption, microbe levels and each component's condition.

You'll have to be willing to part with quite a bit of money if you want a Grove, though, because it doesn't exactly come cheap. Its creators are currently raising funds via Kickstarter, where you'll have to pledge at least $2,700 to secure one if and when the product starts shipping out in March 2016. Still on the fence about getting it? You can also wait until the aquaponics system is officially on the market in 2016, though its retail price is even steeper: one unit will set you back a whopping $4,500