Verizon's WiFi calling is available December 8th on two phones

You'll have to use one of Samsung's latest phones to make Verizon calls over a local network.

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Verizon's WiFi calling is available December 8th on two phones

Verizon didn't take too long to get the ball rolling on WiFi calling. The carrier has announced that it'll make the feature available to customers with Advanced Calling (read: voice over LTE) starting December 8th. Unfortunately, you'll have to be picky about your choice of phone at first -- it's only available on Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to start with, and Big Red won't have updates for more phones (including iPhones) until early next year. Still, it's hard to knock this too much -- between this and AT&T's recent addition of WiFi calling, you can now go to any major US carrier and expect to make online calls when your cellular signal has gone down the tubes.

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