PopKey's keyboard now adds GIFs to Twitter and Slack

Drop GIFs almost everywhere right from the keyboard.

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Roberto Baldwin
December 11th, 2015
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PopKey's keyboard now adds GIFs to Twitter and Slack

After Apple added third-party keyboard support to iOS, developers were quick to whip up keyboards that made adding a GIF to iMessages a breeze. Now PopKey for iOS is adding the ability to drop GIFs on Twitter, Slack, GroupMe and others directly from its keyboard. If you love adding GIFs to most of your communication services, it might be worth checking out.

PopKey co-founder Adrian Salamunovic told Engadget that the initial app focused on iMessage because "at the beginning we didn't want it to be sloppy trying to do everything like a Swiss Army knife."

When composing a message, just tap on the app selector drop down and pick your service of choice. The keyboard will create the preferred link for the service for you to paste and you're in business.

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