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Introducing Engadget's newest contributor: The Wirecutter!


Starting today, you're going to notice a very familiar contributor popping up on the pages of Engadget. That would be none other than our friends at The Wirecutter (as well as their sister site, The Sweethome). We've long admired The Wirecutter's ability to review as many products in as many categories as it does, and then whittle its findings down to a few sensible picks. Here at Engadget, we review gadgets too, but we mainly stick to a handful of categories -- you know, phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, et cetera. Even then, there aren't nearly enough of us to test all the interesting stuff out there. That's where The Wirecutter comes in. Beginning today, we're going to be pulling in abridged versions of their reviews, particularly in categories Engadget doesn't usually cover. Think: televisions, kitchen gadgets, touchscreen gloves. And in today's case, routers: the first column of theirs we'll be publishing. Check it out at the link below, and stay tuned for new picks next week!

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